Agile Tour 2019 will be held at the versatile and ultramodern Palais des congrès de Montréal.



The Event and  the Participant Guide

How can I choose the conferences and workshops to participate to on the day of the event?

The detailed schedule will be available on the website of Agile Tour Montreal.

The schedule will also be available, with the ability to create your own selection on our mobile application Guidebook Android and iOS (the procedure to install it is described below) as well as on the mobile site of the participant guide.

What is the participant guide “Guidebook” and how is it useful?

In order to serve you better, Agile Tour Montreal 2019 will use the mobile application Guidebook. You will have access to all relevant information of the event to:

  • Plan your day by customizing your schedule

  • Find and view all the event information (card, kiosk, speakers, etc.)

  • Stay connected and participate actively in the various conferences

  • And many other surprises

How can I download the participant guide?

You can download our participant’s guide “Guidebook” of Apple’s App Store or the Android market (Google Play)

You can also visit the mobile site with the browser of your choice on any phone.

I have a food allergy. Could I get a special meal?

Please contact us specifying your allergies. We will check with the cafeteria if it is possible to prepare a meal without allergen in your name.


How can I buy my ticket?

You can buy your tickets by visiting our ticket store on Eventbrite.

Is there a discount for students?

Yes, tickets are available at a reduced price for students. You must present a valid student card the day of the event.

How do I transfer my ticket or change my ticket informations?

By accessing your order on Eventbrite, you can edit informations of each ticket, including first name, last name, and e-mail.

Can I cancel or refund my ticket?

Yes, a refund of the ticket is possible until 24 hours before the start of the event (i.e. until November 27th 2019 at 8:00 am). Please contact us  and we will process your request.

What to do if I do not receive an e-ticket after registering?

Please contact us. We will make the necessary verifications in order to send you the ticket as soon as possible. The e-mail address used during registration will be required.

Can I buy tickets for participants which I do not yet know the names?

Yes, it is possible to buy tickets for participants whose names will be known at a later date. When you fill out the form, please enter ‘Guest 1’ in the section name and the name of your company in the family name section. If more than one anonymous ticket is required, please enter subsequent guest numbers. Please contact us a few weeks before the event to give us the names of the participants and their emails in order to facilitate their entry on the day of the event.

The event shows full. Can I still get tickets?

The maximum capacity of the event has been reached. However, it is likely that some tickets are released by the day of the event as a result of cancellations. These will be offered to interested people on the waiting list. To subscribe to this list, please click on the link in the page to purchase tickets. If a ticket is free and is offered, you will have 24 hours to register.

How can I get information about PDU?

Information about PDU will be sent by email to the attendees.

Can I get your tax numbers to get them back?

Of course! Here they are:

TPS: 85020 6137 RT0001

TVQ: 1218319579