Selection criteria : Conferences and workshops

In addition to the overall quality of the proposals, the selection committee will base its recommendations on three specific categories:

1. The topic

Consideration will be given to the originality of the topic, the overarching message, the level of audience knowledge required, and the learning objectives.

2. Speakers / facilitator

The committee will consider the public speaking experience of the candidates, the number of speakers onstage, their motivation, the quality of the videos and documentation available online, and, if applicable, evaluation of the last edition of Agile Tour Montréal (2016).

3. The audition

An audition for the speakers will take place in July. The event will provide an opportunity to pitch your talk or workshop to the selection committee. The following will be taken into consideration: the general impact of the pitch, the clarity of the presentation, the language, the match with the proposal, as well as the energy, ease and rhythm of the pitch.

The organizing committee thanks you for your proposal. Each speaker and facilitator will receive an answer.

We’re looking forward to collaborate with you soon. Good luck!


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