Téo Taxi – La transformation d’une industrie

Patrick Gagné
Présentation des principaux axes d’innovation de l’entreprise qui révolutionne l’industrie du taxi. Un projet d’économie verte et sociale


Your Project Behaves Like a Hurricane—Forecast It Like One

Daniel Vacanti
Do your projects seemingly spin up out of nowhere, strike when least expected, and leave a trail of destruction in their wake? Though the butt of many jokes, weather forecasting—and in particular hurricane forecasting—has gotten surprisingly good over the past few decades. This increased accuracy is mainly due to the rigorous application of proven techniques like Monte Carlo Simulation and Continuous Forecasting. In this talk we will explore some of those practices and discuss how you might employ them to make your projects more predictable. We will walk through some real-world examples that will explain how to get you up and running with methods immediately. You wouldn’t want a little thing like bad forecasting get in the way of you delivering your projects on time, would you?


An intimate conversation with Henry Mintzberg: listening to his current views on management, rebalancing society and agility, followed by a town hall Q&A from the audience.

Henry Mintzberg
Have the privilege of listening to Henry Mintzberg’s current wise and profound views on management and Agility by attending an intimate conversation between him and Phil LeNir his long time business partner and son-in-law. The interview will be followed by a town hall Q&A from the audience.

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Featured Speakers


The Power of Connection – Bridging the Divide

Vikas Narula
In this talk, you will see how human networks form, how silos are created and why bridging these divides is in our best interest – personally, professionally and societally.

Many of us work in hierarchies and take direction from higher-ups, but did you know that influence happens independent of hierarchy? In fact, hierarchy often gets in the way of influence.

Not only does this disconnect exist within organizations, it is rampant in society, both at the community and individual level.

In this session, you will learn about the power of connection and how it shows up in hierarchies, communities, and our own life. You will learn about the fundamental principles of what makes people influential and how breaking down hierarchical, lateral and internal divides can help expand your influence and increase your chances of success in any realm.

Learn about the power of crowd-sourced sentiment and how companies are using real-time employee insights to be more agile.


Les neurosciences pour évaluer l’expérience réellement vécue par vos utilisateurs

Pierre-Majorique Léger
Connaissez-vous vraiment l’expérience de vos utilisateurs ? Le Professeur Pierre-Majorique Léger est un chercheur, inventeur et entrepreneur. Ses recherches visent à améliorer l’expérience utilisateur (UX) vécue lors de l’apprentissage ou de l’utilisation d’une technologie d’information (TI). Dans ses travaux, il mobilisent les données biophysiologiques massives générées lors de l’interaction avec les TI et ce afin de découvrir l’expérience émotionnelle et cognitive réellement vécue par les utilisateurs. Le Tech3Lab qu’il co-dirige est en mesure de remettre un rapport d’évaluation à l’intérieur de 5 jours afin que l’équipe de développement puisse ajuster avant la revue.


Innovation doesn’t follow a script: Work and Lead UnScripted™

Jennifer Spears
The pace of change today is unparalleled and accelerating, the plans that worked in the past are no longer working, you cannot stick to the script and expect to innovate. We need to learn to work and lead UnScripted.

You will be introduced to The UnScripted Mindset that will allow you to face uncertainty and ambiguity and create opportunity. Based on the principles of improv and problem solving, you will laugh while you learn the critical skills to manage the UnExpected, the UnPredictable and the UnAvoidable.


An Introduction to Agile Organization

Pierre Neis
Agile is no longer a software only approach and now whole companies are wishing to get agile. But what means agile?
During all these years we are talking only about the engineering or the management perspective but what’s about breaking down the silos? What’s about building a company to gain all the values from agile? What’s about building together the new organisational paradigm?
The thesis behind this talk is to explain that what we call agile is a system where people, thoughts, ideas, values are interacting together for a common and shared purpose. Sometimes business is key, sometimes robustness and sometime knowledge.
Organisation over structure will be the moto of this case demonstration. I will present you the concept, some feedbacks from SMEs and Global Players, some games to test it, and how to start.
Agile Org Model is one of the approaches that will be used for the Enterprise Scrum Framework coming out these days.


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