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Making Our Mark!: Drawing Together to Enhance Collaboration

Co-creating drawings helps teams enhance their systems thinking abilities by really seeing the big picture. A group of people talking around a whiteboard is an effective way to share ideas across a team. Imagine how much richer the conversation is when everyone on the team has a marker in their hand and is actively contributing! Graphic visualization is an important tool for talking about new idea.




Ellen Grove

Ellen Grove is a business agility coach, trainer, and organizational change agent with Agile Partnership. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Ellen works with organizations of all sizes to help them put Agile thinking and being into action throughout the organization. Whether working with C-suite leaders or managers or delivery teams, Ellen favours experiential approaches for getting people to talk with each other about the things that really matter so that they can do great work together. She organizes Agile events locally and internationally and she presents frequently at Agile conferences around the world. Ellen is a Certified Scrum Professional, an Open Space facilitator, a StrategicPlay® certified facilitator in using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, and a Training from the Back of the Room trainer. Visit to learn more about what shiny thing Ellen is interested in this week. There are videos of Ellen’s presentations at and slides from previous presentations at


Sue Johnston

Sue Johnston helps people talk so people listen, listen so people talk and change the world one conversation at a time. After a career as a reporter, she moved to corporate communication, where she was involved in large scale change initiatives and technology implementations at two of Canada’s financial services giants. She came to believe the crucial communication in organizations is the interaction between people. A professional coach and trainer, Sue has trained hundreds of people in coaching and facilitation techniques. Her workshops are accredited by ICAgile. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, she is the author of “Talk To Me: Workplace Conversations That Work,” the founder of It’s Understood Communication and a partner in Leanintuit. She has lots of letters after her name, but what really matters are letters like this: “Sue is the coach you want to learn from!” You can learn more about Sue and her work at


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