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Agile is People and Business!

For anyone willing to take some risk and create a success on your own terms.This talk best represents: Experience, Exploration and Adaptation.

“This talk is centered Agile being all about People and Business – on what’s in it for you and what’s in it for your clients. I initiated the McCafé concept at McDonald’s and will share both the development stages and collaborative drivers. It’s about understanding where the real levers of power lie – with YOU.

I will step beyond Agile for IT – and show how Agile Values bring the Business and People together – I open the Kimono with the client, build the relationship and I will share with the audience: How and What real life experiences were discovered with the McCafé launch. The presentation has useful lessons about Agile Business techniques to help participants gain insight and develop important skills with Executives and Clients. It’s a fundamental shift in mindset. Instead of focusing on what you can sell, the focus is shifted to what your unique talents are. Discover more fulfillment in the process of uniting and practicing with your client.

MC’s personal hands on marketing and business experience for the McCafé project will provide participants a unique outlook on:
· Introduce unconventional thinking;
· Collaborate with more “together networking”;
· Connect Agile business and intuition;
· Practice is OK – Be sharp, consistent and strong when getting pushed back from partners and staff;
· How a good idea, vulnerability and humility go a long way when working with a client.

McDonald’s – one of the world’s largest and most iconic fast food brands that reinvented itself by focusing on people first and then coffee, with Agility and innovation.

I help build bridges from business 2 people 2 new ideas. People and Business are jobs, colleagues, companies, end users and opportunities – Agile People is my life – not technology!




Marie-Christine (MC) Legault

I am a connector – I am all about people and Agile.
She aims to spread the Agile message and promote Pyxis… via creating connections, events, new ideas and fun opportunities for all. Curious and generous, that’s the way MC’s eyes see and discover with a very “out-of-the-box” practice that will allow her to play, practive, evolve and dream. The “sky” is her limit and guide to successes, best roads… in order to achieve and reach for the stars.



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