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Getting Agile right – Rebooting an Agile organization in 100 days

You have 22 “Agile like” teams delivering software on a 2-week Release Train that uses a CI process and some teams are even CD, what could be missing? Isn’t this the panacea that everyone is looking for?

One big question, are the teams delivering business value?

This is the Story of how one company rebooted their Agile and Portfolio management organizations in 100 days to deliver business value.




Maurizio Mancini

Maurizio Mancini is a leader in the Agile, Quality and Process industries with a sixth sense for Agile, Atlassian, quality, and business process. He is best known for cutting through the noise and getting to the heart of any organizational problem whether that problem consists of choosing the right software development process, implementing modern quality approaches, or just finding the right balance between people, process and tools. Maurizio has been building teams for more than 20 years and is known for building highly effective and dedicated teams. Maurizio’s approach consists of empowering people and teams so that the team’s talent and creativity come through naturally. This mindset favours the adoption of Agile values in any environment.


Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is the chief technology officer at OpenX where he oversees a global team of more than 250 engineers and data scientists to foster the development of new, innovative programmatic technology.

Prior to OpenX, Paul was the CTO and founder of mobile search company Zowdow. He has also held CTO roles at Yellow Pages Group, Leads360 and Overture. During his time at Overture, Paul was principally responsible for engineering the world’s first high scale auction-based market for the web, an innovation that established the foundation of today’s $45 billion programmatic marketplace.

Paul holds a BSE, EECS from Princeton University, an MS in Computer Science from John Hopkins University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


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