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What the hell is an agile coach?

In today’s world of agile coaches, there is a divergent message on what an agile coach should be. Recruiters / directors often send out a message of a scrum master at an enterprise level, or even a program manager with agile processes. Few mention the aspect of coaching of the term “agile coach”. Join in on a summary of discussions led by myself to shed some light on this exciting profession.




Hoang N’go









Starting as a C++ developer, Hoang realized that software development was not his forte, but rather his interpersonal skills. He then seeked a career where can put this skillset to use. He noticed that although as a single developer he was not as talented, he knew he could make a significant contribution on group dynamics on better delivering software. Through his various work experiences in the field of video games, marketing, ticketing and insurance, he build a solid range of experience to deliver better software. And that’s why today, as a scrum master, Hoang seeks to create value using his knowledge and experience with agile processes.


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