Conférence 2018-13h30-3

The State of Containers for your DevOps journey

Containers, Containers, Containers! We are hearing about Containers everywhere, what are their key concepts? Why could they simplify your DevOps journey? What are the tools to help you with Containers and orchestratethem? What’s the road ahead with Containers? Let’s talk about that! Through this presentation you will see also how the Cloud and the Open Source tools and communities are driving this Containers adoption. This presentation will be illustrated by demonstrations.




Mathieu Benoit

Mathieu is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. In this role, he is assisting partners develop their Cloud Application Development practices and deliver successful customer solutions. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mathieu spent over 10 years as software developer, solution architect and pre-sales technical director more specialized in web, mobile and cloud solutions. Open Source and DevOps enthusiast, he promotes as often as he can a continuous learning experience with his customers, partners and co-workers.



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