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The Rosetta Stone Backlog – Find a balance between engagement, quality and effectiveness

When the creation of the Backlog is done through a deep collaborative effort between the PO and the Dev Team, it becomes more than a Scrum artifact. In this session, Phillipe Cantin, author of Rally-Point Backlog will present the concepts behind the three methods presented in his book.




Phillipe Cantin

After 12 years of software development, during which he had the chance of working in different fields of application, Phillipe transitioned toward leadership positions and Agile methodologies around 2005. Since that date he never stopped using Scrum in a multitude of projects and had the chance of playing all of the Scrum roles, PO being his favourite by a large margin.

In parallel, Phillipe started blogging in 2009 on many subjects including Agile methods, programming and leadership. Around 2014, in an effort to share some of his successful methods, the idea of writing an actual book on Agile put him on the long road to the publication of Rally-Point Backlog. Now bitten by the writing bug, Phillipe is working on a continuation book on Sprint Dynamics, explaining the balancing act of maintaining predictability and team engagement during the production iterations.

Since 2015, Phillipe coaches large scale Agile Organisational Transformations, He specializes in guiding large projects from kickoff to stabilisation and also love facilitating Big Room Planning (PI Planning).



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